Help Nyako Maber Track This Conman


A few months back I needed a Forensic Analyst. I found someone advertising on FB calling himself detective Kimeu. We developed a rapport and he embarked on work for me. I entrusted him with a Samsung phone from which he was to extract info for me. He has since disappeared. His FB name is EMMANUEL KIMEU JUDAH. his MPESA name EMMANUEL NGUI. I have attached a screenshot of his profile. His phone numbers: 0729550555 and 0786351722. I had also entrusted him with some of my goods as I was incapacitated at the time, including computers,Satelite receiver,plasma tv,PVR decoder amongst other things, I managed to trace some of my goods to a family called LWEMBE via their daughters who were posing on FB in my clothes and after I boxing them they claimed to have been given the stuff but they knew it was mine.they have resorted to playing cat and mouse games, but emmanuel has since blocked me on FB and won’t pick my calls.


I Miss You Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

Love is something that anyone expects back in retaliation from anyone that he/she shows in regard. There is nothing great for a girl than having a boyfriend who truly loves her. What may be the results if your boyfriend is not around? The absolute answer is that you will miss her. To send him a simple message like “I Miss You” is beyond the obvious reasons that will make him feel cherished and adore by his girl. You ought to send enticing messages to your boy and see the amazing things that she will do and say in response. Take a look on some of the charming I Miss You Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend.


To show him that you can’t live without him when he is not around, you can send him a message like;

“Honey, I feel so down whenever you are not around. I am looking forward to that day when I will be in your arms. I miss you so much.”

To declare the magnitude of how you miss him, this one will do;

“I miss your smile, cheeks, kisses, and tender touch but to summarize sweetie, I MISS YOUR EVERYTHING.”

You may also trickle him with I Miss You Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend that are funny.

“Babe, I know you are already tired and exhausted because you keep running inside my mind. I just want to let you know that I consistently miss you.”

To show him that he has left a vacuum when n he is not around, this one will do.

“I no longer smile anymore because my smiling catalyst is not next to me. I miss you, please come back and rejuvenate my smile.”

Another appealing I Miss You Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend is this one;

“When I work, I just see you, when I eat, I just see you, when I sleep, I just see you and that is why I miss you every time.”

Sending your boyfriend “I Miss You” messages should always be fun as there is not time you can lack what to send to him. Keep your love life fabulous by sending each other great messages.

An Easy Way On How to Start an Online Business From Home

If there is one thing that is in everyone’s wish is to have a clue on how to start an online business from home. The ultimate reason for this is because we want flexibility in our jobs; not the one that you are under the supervision of your boss. Having your own business empire makes you the sole decision maker who can have a proper future for his/her business without any interference whatsoever unless otherwise. If you are thinking of starting your own online based business, this is how you will go about starting it;


1. Have an Ideal Home Office

Having an office at home does not mean that you can ignore the common office etiquette. In fact you need to have a better place than an office where you have been employed where you have little or no control. Make sure that you pick on a room that has enough space to avoid forcing items inside the place making it ineffective. Make sure it has enough equipment and of course good lighting. If you don’t have enough space, you can modify the existing space by converting them into useful rooms such as separating the place with cardboards, mounting cabinets or shelves and so forth.


2. Dress for Success

Having a home based business does not mean that you kiss goodbye your previous office garments then you set into your favorite fun day wear or pants. Put in mind that you must always dress to impress. Wear something that is neat and in case someone shows up, you have no worry about the dressing. You can also choose to apply a moderate makeup to complement your comfortable wear. The idea is simple; dress anything that does not hinder your productiveness but it is still acceptable in public.


3. Adhere to the Law

It is mandatory that the business you are starting is legal in your country or else you will be attracting a penalty. One should also conform to the tax regulations by being conversant with it. You should come up with a way of maintaining your books of account and if you are not sure about that, you can hire a third party to do financial accounting on your behalf.


4. Own a Website (Mandatory)

Other than just giving out business cards as a way of show casing your intended business, a website MUST be the center of your business. It is quite often when thinking on how to start an online business from home to have a site in mind too. Clients should primarily get to know about you through the website. Don’t create an entertainment website that has more junk than content unless you are starting a social or entertainment business. Having a site that has great User Interaction, simple and rich in contents will keep the visitor for long hence he/she can quickly get to know about what is offered.


5. Have an Electronic Mail List

Maintaining a mail list that is not a spam can help you interact in an efficient and convenient way with your clients. You and the clients are able to communicate together free of charge using platforms that are facilitated by email providers such as Yahoo.


6. Have a Blogging Site

Even though you have already established a website, you should also have a blogging site that will be linking back to your business. A blog can be compared to a news journal that is consistently up to date with relevant information. It must be linked with active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest just to mention. Social Medias are another crucial way of marketing a business as you can reach to a mass within a short period of time.


7. What is the Product or Service?

This is the focal point of your business. When you were thinking of how to start an online business from home, you had something in mind. The idea here is simple; have a product or service that is distinct, elegant and factual. You should now wait and see how you will be getting new clients day in day out and start earning huge cash within a short span of time.

Methods of improving your vision naturally

As you age, your eyes will start develop fatigue and other vision difficulties. Our eyes will also experience fatigue as we continuously use computer screens, cell phones and televisions. You can naturally improve your vision by:

1. Exercising your eyes

Try these simple exercises to help you maintain good vision and ward off those irritating eye floaters. You can perform the following eye exercises on a daily basis after waking up or before you go to sleep. Make sure your hands are clean and that you are relaxed in order to get the desired results.
i. Warm up your eyes by vigorously rubbing your hands to generate heat then placing the warm hands on your eyes for 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure three times.

ii. Roll your eyes by looking up and then slowly circle them ten times in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

iii. Focus your eyes by grabbing a pen and holding it at an arm’s length while focusing upon it. You can then bring the pen closer to your eyes until it gets to about 6 inches from your head. After that, focus on the pen as you move it away from your face. Repeat the procedure ten times.

iv. Massage your temples by utilizing your thumb knuckles. Massage them 20 times in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You can then repeat the procedure on your eyebrows then to the bridge of your nose.

v. Give yourself some mini-nap by gently tilting your head in the backward position while closing your eyes. Rest for 3 minutes and repeat the procedure.
2. Change your diet for the best eyesight

Our eyes require different types of nutrients to perform optimally. Here are some of the nutrients required by your eyes in order for it to stay healthy.

I. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidant nutrients help in shielding the macula from harmful radiations from the sun. Foods that contain such antioxidants include carrots, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, yellow peppers, pumpkin and dark green leafy vegetables.

II. Foods rich in cysteine, lecithin and sulfur that help shield the lens of the eye from developing cataracts. Such foods include capers, shallots, onions and garlic.

III. Foods abundant in anthocyanin and anti inflammatory in nature help in improving vision. Such foods include goji berries, blue berries and grapes.

IV. DHA fatty acids present in coldwater fish like mackerel, sardines, cod and wild salmon. DHA provides the structural support required for cell membranes formation, which in turn promotes healthy eyes.
3. Give your eyes rest and relaxation

Give your eyes abrupt and short breathers at every hour of the day. Take approximately ten minutes to relax and rest your eyes for every 50 minutes spent reading or viewing a computer screen. Place cucumber slices on your eyes to achieve a refreshing feeling once your eyes get fatigued.

Adequate sleep is important for the health of your eyes. Sleep allows your eyes to completely recover and heal from any wear and tear encountered during the day. Therefore, getting at least eight hours of deep sleep is important in keeping your eyes healthy and strong.


Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

The other day you hallo to a friend that you had appointed her to be the epicenter of wedding photography and all that takes to get that cool snap. Do you know that anyone who owns a camera is not a photographer? A wedding event is supposed to be a memoir or rather a souvenir in the making hence it needs to be done proficiently. It is also good to agree that shooting is not an easy to take endeavor. Don’t be part and parcel of the stakes of events that are going wrong. To be on the safe side, you need to be conscience of the wedding photography mistakes that photographers do make and why you should avoid them.


The couples may opt to select a friend or anyone simply because he/she has a “state of the art” camera. Really? Owning a plane does not make you a pilot. An inexperience photographer may end up tainting the all photos. It is ideal to seek the help of wedding photography experts who have a thorough understanding of shooting wedding photos.


The other mistake is using a camera without its stand. The entire wedding event is not static but that does not mean that every shooting should be done while the couple is in motion. When you need to take precise photos, a stand is fundamental because it gives you a chance to get a flexible but a perfect snapshot.


Why should you shoot with only one lens? It is advisable to have a wide range of lenses when taking wedding photography shots. It is not about just taking that photo but an amazing one. The attendance maybe far away from you but doing something great that needs to be incorporated into the wedding. By having several lenses, you will be able to get crystal clear images that are unforgettable.


The unexpected should not be recorded. For example, when the couples accidentally fall down, don’t make that part of the even. You are not doing a believe it or not shot but a wedding event. Make it fabulous not boring.


The all idea of wedding photography should be done with passion and good intention to make it great not vague.

Capitalizing Your Business Presence on Instagram

Do you own a business that you want to promote? That is quite an obvious question but a complex one is how to do it using Instagram. This is another tool that can help you expose your business to potential customers using a photo or short video. To get a positive impact from using Instagram, all that you need to do is to sign up and then start uploading your preferred media then share it out to the world. For example, you can put your business in the Instagram map, get the most out of hashtags and even do more things for your business. The following ideas on using Instagram for business are exclusively advantageous for you as a business person.

How You Can Work on Photos

1. Create a Business Store

Instagram is able to integrate with Foursquare, a discovery tool known to many for the purposes of geo-tagging photos. The first step you should do is to have a photo of your business in Foursquare, a social networking tool. The next thing to do is to add your own venue if you are already a member of this social site. If you are not in Foursquare, Instagram can also add a new location. The trick is to enable “Add to Photo Map”, during posting so that users can associate themselves with your business.

2. Use Official Account When Tagging a Photo

It is beneficial to locate a photo from your own account that is official. Make sure to locate any other photo too that you share. This will automatically assist Instagrammers to identify your newly acquired store and account too.

3. Interact With Photos

Don’t just leave the photo idle in Instagram. It needs to experience the responsiveness that it deserves. Many people who have signed up at Instagram are consistently searching for new photos and location. You just need to locate several photos and engage Instagrammers in the conversation. The photos that other Instagrammers have taken from your business location are easily available, thanks to this platform. This is an important way to interact with existing and new customers.

How to Get the Most from Instagram Hashtags

It has been considered to be one of the most important tools that can be used in Instagram for creating content. The only problem that arises is improper use of hashtag. You need to use hashtag cautiously as stated below.

Using Hashtag for Content Discovery

When you want new Instagrammers to discover you, you better use hashtags. For example, if you do have a restaurant in best snacks, you need to use a hashtag such as #bestsnack and this will easily go viral. It can also be understand by many to mean that that is the place where you can get only the best snacks.

Using Keywords in Hashtags

One of the reasons to associate a hashtag this way is that it increases the chances of the photo and content to be displayed after an Instagram search query. For example, if people are talking about your snack restaurant and even taken photo of it, make sure to comment and use the hashtag in that photo. This will overwhelmingly force them to actually visit your business.

Following Back

It is not in order for others to follow you yet you don’t do that to them. This is very evident where big businesses or brands have a large following but it barely follows any of its followers. The trick is to identify those who have an interest in your brands and you thank them by following them too.

Using People’s Content

If an Instagrammer uses a hashtag that may have been associated with your own business, you can make use of that. It is advisable to ask the person to give you the permission to use the photo to avoid any legal action. For example, if one has taken a photo inside your restaurant and tagged himself and of course with a hashtag, you can borrow from him. You can then use the picture inside your premises to attract other customer. Make sure to inform them that that was one of you fans in Instagram.


Don’t just sit there; get more customers by being creative at Instagram and other social networks. Why don’t start that now?



Truth be told, times are becoming tougher and even gets worse if you have to worry about losing your home. As a matter of fact, cases of foreclosures displace more people from their homes than anything else, and it’s therefore advisable that you engage the services of experienced foreclosure attorneys to give you the necessary peace of mind when facing such a scenario.


A good chunk of American homeowners are currently facing the threat of foreclosure on their homes given that the United States’ housing industry is yet to fully recover from the recent global economic meltdown. Foreclosures often happen due to a number of reasons, such as loss of employment or unexpected financial hardships. However, if you are facing foreclosure, the good news is that there are attorneys who specialize in foreclosure procedures and can help you prevent losing your home or defaulting on your mortgage. Foreclosure Attorneys basically look for alternative legal options that homeowners can exploit to help them refinance or even carry out a short sale of their residences to ease them of their mortgages.

As aforementioned, it’s much advisable that you should have legal representation while dealing with lenders in instances of foreclosure. To begin with, an attorney can be of great benefit in restructuring or modifying the terms of the home loan. Restructuring of loans is one great strategy whereby an attorney negotiates with the mortgage lenders for lower interest rates or lengthening of the period of payment for reduced payments. Another popular strategy employed by attorneys to help their clients avoid foreclosure is through favorable repayment plans. This usually involves the attorney bargaining for friendlier repayment plans with the mortgage lender that eliminate arrears or otherwise have them refinanced in a new loan. Lastly, your foreclosure defense attorney can as well opt to seek for suspension of payments, a concept that is commonly referred to as forbearance. In seeking for forbearance, your attorney will be simply negotiating with your home loan lender to come up with a time interval for suspended payments, during which you can then reestablish yourself financially before resuming your mortgage payments. As you can see, all these strategies are geared towards the sole objective of relieving you a bit of the financial liability of the loan so that you can get to retain your home.

While almost all homeowners often go in for the option of retaining their homes, sometimes the most ideal thing to do is to sell your home so as to be freed of the mortgage. A short sale is where a homeowner surrenders the ownership of his/her home and the mortgage lender accepts a settlement less than the outstanding amount as full repayment of the loan. Attorneys come handy in this process by working with reputable real estate agents to put up the property for sale and by cutting a deal with the lender to take a lesser payment as full settlement. It is also worth noting that a short sale of your property may cause a dip in your credit rating, however, this will be less severe than the dip that results from a foreclosure.

So, if you’re facing an imminent foreclosure on your property, why not talk to reputable Foreclosure Attorneys to get to know the various legal options available to you? Such experienced attorneys often strive to ease their clients of strenuous mortgage plans and help them avoid losing their homes.